Mary Queen of Scots

If you are interested in reading any of the books listed below in the Selective Bibliography you may want to try a search at
You can search by author or title for these great (mostly published in the 19th century) old history books. They quite often come up for sale by various vendors throughout the U.S., U.K., Australia. Some of these antique books even have wonderful old engravings and portraits of Mary and her contemporaries that are not often seen today.
If you cannot find the book you are looking for on the first search, come back another day! Keep trying as the inventories are frequently changing.
Examples of more recent authors who have written books on Mary Queen of Scots and other historical figures, and are not listed in the  selective bibliography below, are:

Benger, Miss Memoirs of the Life of Mary Queen of Scots
Cowan, Samuel The Last Days of Mary Stuart
Cowan, Samuel Mary Queen of Scots
Drummond, Humphrey The Queen’s Man
Fleming, Hay D. Mary Queen of Scots from Her Birth to Her Flight into England
Goodall, Walter An Examination of the Letters Said to be Written by Mary Queen of Scots to James Earl of Bothwell
Gore-Brown, Robert Lord Bothwell
Henderson, T. F The Casket Letters and Mary Queen of Scots
Henderson, T. F. Mary Queen of Scots: Her Environment and Tragedy
Herries, Lord Historical Memoirs of the Reign of Mary, Queen of Scots
Hosack, John Mary Queen of Scots and Her Accusers
Hume, Martin The Love Affairs of Mary Queen of Scots
Hume, Brown, P. Scotland in the Time of Queen Mary
Lang, Andrew History of Scotland
MacCunn, Florence Mary Stuart
Mahon, Major-General R.H. The Indictment of Mary Queen of Scots
Mahon, Major-General R.H. Mary Queen of Scots
Mahon, Major-General R.H. The Tragedy of Kirk o’ Field
McNeel-Caird, Alexander Mary Stuart: Her Guilt or Innocence
Melville, Sir James Memoirs of Sir James Melville of Halhill
Mignet, F.A. History of Marie Stuart
Morris, John, ed. The Letter Books of Sir Amias Paulet
Mumby, Frank Arthur Elizabeth and Mary Stuart
Mumby, Frank Arthur The Fall of Mary Stuart
Pollen. John H.ed. Mary Queen of Scots and the Babington Plot
Pollen, John H. ed Papal Negotiations with Mary Queen of Scots/td>
Rait, Robert S. & Cameron, Annie L. King James’ Secret
Robertson, Joseph Inventories of Mary Queen of Scots
Schiern, Frederik Life of James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell
Scott, Hon. Mrs. Maxwell The Tragedy of Fotheringay
Skelton, John Maitland of Lethington and the Scotland of Mary Stuart
Stevenson, Rev. Joseph, ed. A Narrative of the First Eighteen Years of Her Life
Nau, Claude The History of Mary Stewart from the Murder of Riccio until her Flight into England
Steuart, A. Francis Seigneur Davie: A Sketch Life of David Riccio
Steuart, A. Francis Trial of Mary Queen of Scots
Stoddart, Jane T. The Girlhood of Mary Queen of Scots
Stuart, John The Lost Chapter in the History of Mary Queen of Scots Recovered
Strickland, Agnes The Letters of Mary Queen of Scots
Strickland, Agnes Life of Mary Queen of Scots
Tytler, William An Inquiry Historical and Critical into the Evidence Against Mary Queen of Scots


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