Historical Documents Relating to Mary Queen of Scots

The Contract of Marriage to Earl Bothwell

(Ref:  See Goodall, vol ii, p.54, from Cot. Lib. Calig., C.i.)

At Seton the 5th day of April, the year of God, 1567, the right excellent, right high and mighty Princess, Mary, by the grace of God, queen of Scots . . . in the presence of the eternal God, faithfully and on the word of a Prince, by these presents, takes and promises and obliges her Highness, that how soon the process of divorce, intended betwixt the said Earl Bothwell and Dame Jane Gordon, now  his pretended spouse, be ended by the order of the laws, her Majesty  shall, God willing, thereafter shortly marry and  take the said Earl to her husband . . .  that in all diligence possible, he shall prosecute and set forward the said process of divorce already begun and intended betwixt him and the said Dame Gordon, his pretended spouse …

Marie, R.

James, Earl  Bothwell

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