Mary Queen of Scots


Ensuring the continuance of the Stuart line with the birth of her son James VI and I was  probably the most significant accomplishment of Mary’s reign.  Clearly, a legacy with the most lasting consequences which resulted in the union of Scotland and England.
This event should not be underestimated since Elizabeth I was the last of her line (Tudor)  and Mary was the last of the Royal Stuarts, until the birth of James.  If both Elizabeth  and Mary had died childless, there would probably have been civil war in both Kingdoms.
In England, the next two claimants to the throne after the Tudors were the Lennox Stuarts (the family of Darnley, Mary’s second husband) and the Greys (the family of Lady Jane Grey, who was Queen of England for 9 days).   In Scotland, the next two claimants to the Stuart throne were the Lennox Stuarts, again,  and the Hamilton family.  Each family hated the other and in fact would probably have started a  war rather than accept the succession of the other.
Since the Lennoxes had their English connections and the Hamiltons held the Dukedom of  Chatelherault in France, I think one could say that if Mary had died without an heir and  the succession was disputed, then both the English and the French would have marched into  Scotland each supporting their own candidate.
Perhaps Mary’s unhappy marriage to Darnley, by producing James her son and heir,  in the end spared Scotland from much trouble and conflict.
In conclusion, one of Mary’s biographers stated that the greatest legacy she left behind  to the people of Scotland was the “epic story of her life.”  It has all the elements of  A great narrative: passion, murder, intrigue and political and religious issues.  Four  hundred + years later people are still captivated by the mystery which surrounds this queen.

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